95% will answer wrong this racing puzzle – Only for Geniuses with Answer

Solve this logic puzzle question! 95% of people will fail to answer this genius level puzzle – Puzzles Only for Geniuses with the answer!

Logic puzzles are the best way to confuse our friends. I asked this puzzle question to my buddies, and he responded to this puzzle immediately, but he was wrong!

But, I’m sure! You can solve this logic puzzle. All you have to do is just, find your position in a race. Simple!

And YES! Comment your answer before you confirm it.

Q. You are running a race with three persons. You overtake the second last person, what position are you in NOW?

Options: A) 1st,  B) 2nd, C) 3rd

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If your reply is the 2nd position, then you just trapped in this puzzle trick just like many. The correct answer is 3rd Position.;

Explanation: You are running a race with three persons, that’s mean the total number of people are running in this race is four, and you passed the second-last person (i.e. The Third person). Now you are in the third position.

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