If 1=5 Then 5 = ?? Tricky Number Puzzles Patterns- With Answer

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Hello, friends! solve this simple and interesting logic puzzle question. Find out the logic behind this puzzle question and solve this last equation.


If 1 = 5

2 = 25

3 = 325

4 = 4325

Then 5 = ??

Math Puzzle Image:

Tricky-Number-Puzzles-Patterns Questions-Solve-if-you-are-Genius-pics

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Answer & Solution

Answer :- 54325

Solution:- I See Pattern,    1 = 5

1 = 52 = 25

2 = 253 = 325

3 = 3254 = 4325

4 = 4325  Every time, The Number  in L.H.S  is Put in the First place  in R.H.S

Every time, The Number  in L.H.S (Left Hand Side)  is Put in the First place  in R.H.S (Right Hand Side)

So,   5 =54325


There is No Math’s Logic in here But there is a Pattern….We can Found here..!

It’s a Tricky Number Puzzle that, everyone thinks about that there is some Math’s Logic were Included.

But It’s Not.. You Have just find Pattern.

So Answer is = 54325 .

If You See another Pattern or Solution Please Tell Us in Comment Below!


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