The Shape Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #18 (With Answer)

Best logical math puzzles; 90% will fail to answer this viral math puzzle. “The Shape Puzzle” Difficult Math Puzzles with the answer!

Welcome back to the Genius Puzzle Series. Another interesting puzzle is here “The Shape Puzzle”.

The shape’s used in this puzzle name as follows: Hexagon, Triangle, Circle.

Puzzle Question:

⇒ Star + Star + Star = 36

⇒ Hexagon + Hexagon + Star = 30

⇒ Triangle + Triangle + Hexagon = 15

⇒ Circle + Circle + Hexagon = 14

⇒ Star + Hexagon × Circle = ??

(Please check image for details)

Let see, if you can solve this viral puzzle. Check out the image and share your equation or answer in the comment section below. Best of luck!

The Shape Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #18

The Shape Puzzle, Genius Puzzle Series 18. Best logical math puzzles, Viral math puzzle, Hexagon Triangle Circle Puzzle.

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For those, who are not sure about the puzzle, here are some key points or hints:

  • Each Shape has its own value, there’s a way to find it.
  • Big & Small size does not affect the value of shapes

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The correct answer is: 21

The solution will be updated soon…till now share this awesome puzzle in your group.

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