The Emoji Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #14 – #15 – Viral Facebook Puzzle

Confusing Math Puzzle problem! 90% will fail to attempt this logical brain teaser math puzzle. “The Emoji Puzzle” Most interesting and confusing logic puzzle! Find the correct answer

Whatsup guys!  🙂

Who love Emojis? What a stupid question  😈 of course we all do. Here’s Emoji day special challenge for you.

Welcome back to Genius Puzzle Series, Puzzle #14 & #15. Another interesting brain-teaser logical puzzle for you. Ready? Play with facebook emoji and find out the correct answer.

The Puzzle divided into two parts. The easy one, and the hard level.

Let’s go to the puzzle without wasting your time.

The Emoji Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #14: Level Easy

The Emoji Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #14. Math puzzles, Only for Genius math puzzles. Fun math equations. Puzzles for adults. School kids puzzles. Brain teasers puzzles question.

The Emoji Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #15: Level Hard

The Emoji Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #15

Post your answer in the comment section below. The answer will be updated soon, till now share this awesome & interesting Emoji puzzle with your Whatsapp and facebook group friends, let see how many of your friends can solve this confusing logical puzzle.

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