The Card Puzzle, Find the JOKER value – Confusing Brainteasers Math Puzzle

The genius card puzzle. Solve this confusing poker playing cards puzzle. Only for genius math puzzles with the answer!

Welcome back, waiting for an interesting & new puzzle? Deal with this joker puzzle, check the puzzle image carefully and tell me which number replace the joker card?

Find the value of; clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠) and solve the last equation to get the true value of Joker.

Puzzle Question Image:

The Cards Math Puzzle - Confusing Brainteasers Puzzles. Only for genius math puzzle series

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⇒ 4+6+2=4*3
⇒ 4+2=12-6
⇒ 4+6=6+4
⇒ 6=6

clubs (♣) = 2

diamonds (♦) = 3

hearts (♥) = 6

spades (♠) = 4

>> Last Equation:

4 + 4 × 6 – 6 = 22

Two jokers = 22

One joker = 22/2=11

Joker = 11 answer

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