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Solve this combined genius math puzzlePuzzles only for genius with answer.

Combination of puzzles mean double puzzle and double fun. Find the given number of series and solve the equation. Let’s see if you can crack this puzzle. Find the value of “A” from first equation and apply it on second equation and find the answer.

Genius Math Puzzles Question:

Q) If 9=72, 8=56, 7=42, 6=30, 5=20, 3=A then A-3+3×0=__?

Options: A) 0,  B) 3,  C) 6,  D) 9

Math Puzzles - Only for Genius with answer

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A=6; Logic 9 x 9 – 9 =72,  8 x 8 – 8 = 56,  and so on.. therefore we get 3 x 3 – 3 = 6 = A, Now apply “A” in second equation i.e. 6 – 3 + 3 x 0 = 3 Answer  (BODMAS Rule)

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