How many chocolates you get? Math Puzzles with Answer

This question also asked in aptitude test and other exams. In this question, you will have to find out, how many chocolates you can get from a shopkeeper in just $15. But before you comment, double check your answer. Make your calculation and solve this Math puzzle.

Q. A Shopkeeper sells 1 chocolate at $1 each. You can exchange 3 wrappers for 1 chocolate. If you have $15, how many chocolates can you totally get?

Comments your answer before check it. Let’s see, what your answer is!

Math Puzzles - Only for Genius

22 Chocolates: 15 chocolates from $15, it’s mean you have 15 wrappers, and it’s mean 5 more chocolates (15/3=5). Now more 5 chocolates mean, more 5 wrappers and give 3 wrappers to the shopkeeper (5-3=2 left) and get 1 chocolate. Now, we already have 2 wrappers left + we get one more chocolate, it’s 3 wrappers, buy another one chocolate. So, 15+5+1+1=22. 😉

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