Camera + Radio × Smartphone − Watch = ?? – Genius Math Puzzle

Solve this genius camera and smartphone math puzzle. 90% will fail to attempt this genius math puzzle! Only for genius math puzzle with the answer!

Hello, guys! welcome back. Here is another genius level puzzle for you. This one is the second puzzle of this series, you can check the first one here.

In this puzzle, you have to find out the value of each icon first ( camera, smartphone, radio, Tv and watch), which is also an interesting part of the puzzle it self and then put these icon value in the last part of the puzzle and find the correct answer.

Let see how many give up 😉 . Share you answer or solution in the comment section below.  good luck!

Puzzle Question:


⇒ Camera + Tv + Radio = 4 Watch

⇒ Camera + Radio = Tv = Smartphone

⇒ Camera + Smartphone = 08 + Radio

⇒ Tv = 3 Radio


⇒ Camera + Radio × Smartphone − Watch = ??

Camera Genius Math Puzzle Image:

Camera, Smartphone Math Puzzles. Only for genius puzzles. Solve this math puzzle if you are a genius

Find out? Then what are you waiting for? Share your answer below. or keep scrolling for the correct answer.










The correct answer is 13.

Got different answer? please share your solution.

or we will update the solution later once we got the correct one. 😉

have fun! 😉

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