Bad Looking But Interesting Rabbit Riddle Image! – Brain Teaser Puzzle

I know what you are thinking right now. But trust me, that one (puzzle) is not mine. I mean, seriously, it’s a kind of puzzle when we say “WTF is that!”

But still, I found it really funny & interesting, this image was created by my brother, when he shows me! My first reaction is like, WOW! what’s that? (I thought, it was an art!)

Then he told me, “it is a puzzle, you will have to find the way to reach the rabbit”.

I freeze for a moment, then look at the image and I was thinking in my mind “where the hell is Rabbit”. I asked who have to reach to the rabbit? He said, The boy, heart, A dollar and the Girl in the image.

Trust me, the middle one is the rabbit 😉  and the white lines are the path (not the colored part).

If you noticed, there are some arrow in this image. I asked, ” Then what these arrows for?”

He said, I just used these arrows for the users who have to solve this puzzle as a hint. (Me like; A HINT? 😕 )

It means the lines are not connected with each other while crossing. (and my face is like 😐 )

Well, now this puzzle image (lol) is all yours. (Don’t laugh at me! check out the puzzle)

Puzzle: Find a way in this puzzle image, who reach to the Rabbit? There are Four Things (a boy, dollar, Heart and a girl) in the Race. But there is only one way, that is connected to the rabbit. You have to find that way and reach to the Rabbit. 

(I think, I have to make another puzzle category and named it: “WTF Puzzles” 😆 its fun! )

Funny Rabbit Puzzle:

who-reach-to-rabbit-funny-puzzle-riddle-girl boy money heart-interesting-tough-puzzles

Well, this one is not that much difficult, but really confusing. But still, you can confirm your answer below if you want.


I hope you enjoyed 😉

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