95% get this wrong! How many Balls? Toughest Puzzle on the Internet!

Most Confusing riddle on internet: How many balls? Can you guess the correct number of balls in this puzzle image? Best Logical & viral math puzzle on the internet. 95% fail to guess the correct answer for this simple balls puzzle.

In this Puzzle, numbers of balls shown in the picture. You have to apply the logic and count, How many Balls in the Picture? Only Genius peoples can solve this puzzle. The Correct Answer & the Solution of this interesting Puzzle is given below! 😀

Let’s see how many of you can crack this genius logic puzzle.

How Many Balls? Can You Solve it?

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The image is in 3D shape, and as you can see the balls is in Pyramid Shape structure. The pyramid needs to be stable, so there are Hidden Balls in it.

Therefore Pyramid with a square base

⇒ 4*4 Base level = 16

⇒ First level = 9

⇒ Second level = 4

⇒ Top = 1

Total number of Balls = 16 + 9 + 4 + 1 = 30  Correct Answer 

Wrong Solution

For people, who consider these Balls Pyramid with the triangular base and get 20 as an answer are wrong. Because it’s clearly not a triangular base pyramid. why? check out the logic.

How many balls puzzle solution. Square Base vs Triangular Base in Balls Puzzle correct solution.

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