3 Switches 3 Fans puzzle – Genius Logic puzzle for Interview

Can you solve this genius logic puzzle ever? The Three switches new puzzle – Only for Genius with answer

The best logic and brain teasers puzzle asked in interviews. We always looking for genius level puzzles or interesting & logics puzzles, which gives us little bit challenge.

To solve this puzzle, you will have to think like Sherlock Holmes. Check out the terms for this logic puzzle:

The Three Switches and Three Fans Puzzle Question:

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There are three on/off switches in front of a seminar hall and the door is closed.

They all three switches are connected to three ceiling fans inside the hall.

You have to find out which switch operates which fan before you open the door.

And there is no way to check inside what’s going on, before open the door.

You can flip the switches on and off as many time as you want. But once you open the door, you will not allow to touch the switches again.

You must figure out which switch control’s which fan.

So, how do you find it, which switch connected to which fan?

Take your time!

Found the solution? Comment blow, let see what logic you found.

Need help? check hint blow.



This puzzle is all about logic, if you want to solve this puzzle then think logically. The point is, what happens when you turn on the switches. Get the hint from this image blow and let see if you can solve the puzzle this time. Comment your options or solution in the comment box. If you want to confirm, you can check the answer at the end of the post.

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Turns ON the first two switches for 30 seconds. Now switch OFF the second one, open the door and check. You will found, one fan is ON which is connected to the first switch and then look for the fan which one is rotating slowly, this one is connected to the second switch and the last one is for last switch. According to image; 1st switch to C, 2nd to A, 3rd to B. Simple 😉

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