Top 10 Funniest Memes Of Donald Trump, After Winning Election!

After winning 2016 Presidential Election. Funny Memes and Jokes starts about Donald Trump. 

10 Funniest Donald Trump Memes after winning Election. 😀 😀

Donald Trump is the new Boss of USA. He Beats the Hillary Clinton with major Difference. Presidential Election 2016 is so far controversial and dirty. But in the last Crown goes to Donald Trump. Peoples of America shows the interest in Donald Trump. And that’s the Big News.



#1  Donald Trump Crown as President of USA by Obama, along side Hillary!!! Funny Memes 😀 😀



#2  Meet the new American Presient!!! 😀



#3  When you sawed that Trump won the Election 2016!! 😀



#4  To all those who thought that Trump would not be the President. 😀 



#5  2016… Sucide Squad !!! 😀 



#6  I will win the Presidency and you know it !!!Trump Confidence and He’s Right! 😀 😀



#7  Hillary Clinton Presidential Goal turned into Offside Because of Donald Trump. 😀 😀



#8  Hillary Clinton Sliped Again 2016 !!! 😀



#9  After Trump wins, Hillary for Prison Now!!! 😀



#10 Well Done Hillary! Now back to the kitchen!! – Kim Jong 😀 😀 



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