Pokemon Go Craze: This Guy Quit his Job & Become Full time Pokemon Hunter

Well, as we all know that the Pokemon Go become the most popular mobile game app within a month and it’s seem people are crazy to catch the Pokemon monsters.

But this is not enough, this 24 year old New Zealander guy, Tom Currie has quit his job just because he want to become a full-time Pokemon hunter.

Tom Currie, Full Time Pokemon Go hunter

He quit his job in Auckland and pack his bag and embark on a tour of New Zealand. Within a week he booked 20 bus trip around New Zealand and till now he has claimed that, he captured more than 90 out of 151 Pokemon release. Well that’s a good score!

Tom Pokemon Go hunter

“I wanted to have an adventure,” Currie said. “I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokémon gave me the chance to live that dream.”

“I think the most exciting experience so far was in Sumner, Christchurch, which has become a hot spot for Pokémon hunters,” Currie said”

Well, Currie’s journey has been cheap, for rest use friend’s couches or stay in dorms around the country and that’s not enough, he has also received lots of support from all over the world, like; Ireland, India, Canada and US.

And the best part is, he’s start getting sponsors from various transport companies and offered him to travel remote parts of the country to hunt for rare Pokémon.

Well, Currie is living his life and we wish him luck for more upcoming adventures and hope he catch them all.

Everyone like adventures and wants to travel their country and the world, but how many of us did this?

Well, it’s time to think about it, because you have both “Excuse” and the “Purpose”.  😉 Best of Luck!

Via: theguardian

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