14 Things PEOPLE’S Should DO and DON’T DO in General Life

These are the 14 Things that you should Do and Don’t have to Do in your General life,

I am not saying that all that are quite Helpful ! But whatever you like it Use it!
It’s not Just makes you Happy But also it’s makes others peoples Happy. It’s not Rules and lessons.

But it’s just a simple Thoughts.


1. Don’t Break Up with Someone Over Text Message !

don't break up with someone over text message Pics story

You see now a day, these things Massively Happen over worldwide!

Little arguments over the Phone and You said something and they said something , And Suddenly You didn’t realize that Arguments Become so Big, Lot of Tough Word been Used, Lots of things comes out, And Suddenly It’s Over !

It’s Just Phone text Messages, You just Can’t Understand Someone Feeling without Presenting there!

So, Don’t Break Up with Someone over Text Messages.

Just break up with them By Directly meeting them, then there is no big fuss left inside, neither into You nor into him/her.


2. Turn the Volume Down when You’re watching a Video or Playing a Game on your Phone, in Public Place Or Better yet, Use Headphones !

turn volume down playing games , videos in public place or yet use headphones pics story

You Know, when you go outside! You are not the one who been there.

There are many Peoples around you. And they all be different-different kinds, different-different Interests. So,when you Use your Phone Loudly, this will affect someone’s  works, this will irritate someone Or Better you do have equipment’s  regarding to your device. That will be nice!


3. When You Borrow Someone’s Car, Fill Up the Tank, As a Way of Saying Thank You!

when you borrow someone car fill up tank as a way of saying thank you pics story

Taking a Help from a Friend or Someone You Know, is Good. And you realize that there is someone there to helping you. And they never take any credit about it. So,when You use their things then You should be giving back to them Something, as a way of saying Thank You!

They will love it So as You!


4. Don’t Let Your Arguments Escalate in Public, Find Someplace else to Continue Arguing Where Others Won’t Feel Uncomfortable!

don't do arguments in public it's makes peoples uncomfortable Pics story

Arguments are the worst part in any conversation, You know ,they become too big suddenly!

they escalate very Quickly, And You say Many things that Later, You have been ashamed For!

So, If an Argument Occur, do it with Privately, Because Later You have been ashamed of that Why Should I say these things to My Love ones in front of All! And what People’s gonna think about me & My Loved One. And also it gives a Wrong message to Children’s & Peoples around you.

So,Don’t Do arguments in Public, to not to Become like an idiot!


5. When Using Someone Else’s Phone Or Computer, Don’t Go Through Their Stuff Without 

     Permission !

using someone else phone, computer don't go through their personal stuff pics story

Every One’s have Personal things and thoughts , they don’t want anyone to see them except they want to! Just Like You, Yet you don’t like anybody you to interrupt or see your personal things, So Do They!

And You Know, this will  just affect your relationship about that person. And that just change the perception about you in that person mind. So, that is not Cool !

I Know it’s Curiosity never Stops, But you have to Control it. If you want to Go through their Stuff then ask for Permission. And that will be Cool ! 


6. When Someone else Cooks for You, Offer to Help Clean Up the Kitchen !

when someone cooks for you offer a help to clean up kitchen pics story

You Know, Helping is just not make the person better, But also took Closer Two Persons.

And the Bond develop between Persons is Quite amazing. You see it by Yourself, You  feel it by Yourself !

So, Do the those Little Little things and the outcomes will come , that will surprise you!


7. In Case You miss a Call , Drop a message as soon as possible, If You’re unable to call !

in case you miss a call drop a message pics story life instructions

Sometime’s You get Busy, In that case you miss a call !  Then You should drop them a message.

And that will Relax Your Love Ones that You are OK!

If You Don’t Pick Up calls, peoples thinks about other things, a bad perception or bad idea’s .

You can drop a message to them , You must be busy & i Can talk to you later, You can explain them !

Thus, this will help things to be normal.


8.  Always Leave the Last Piece for the Person Who bought it Unless they Insist they won’t eat

       it !

always leave the piece for someone who bought it Pics story

Good things about Humans are that, they can show ‘Humbleness’,and Peoples Should be Humble.

Because there’s comes out a great gesture’s from it. People should try that and feels the feeling about themselves.


9. If You Ask Your Friends for Help with some Housework, Feed Them, As Payment!

if you ask your friend for housework feed them foods as payments pics story

Everyone needs Helps , and You know, when you need helps ? Who Helps You?

Ya! that’s Right , Friends!

They Don’t want your Favors, your Appreciation, Your Credits, True Friends never Expect you to Do anything ! But it’s  Your Way to saying Thank You and it’s all Up to you, how you Say It !

Having Food & Drinks , That would be Great ! They will Love It .  Because Food and Drinks always Works!  😉


10. Pay Back Borrowed Money As Soon As Possible, No Matter How Little the Amount is !


pay the borrowed money as soon as possible Pics Story

Money Problems ,We all face it and we all borrowed from someone when we needed,

It’s not a single doubt. So, We need to pay them as well on time! Because Other-one is also needed it on time, If you don’t arrange the money on Time then tell them, that You could Pay them on other time, And they will Understand your Circumstances, But if they won’t ! then you Should Give that money as Fast as You Can. Because it Can cause Problems to You..!


11. If You Stay the Night at Someone’s House,Make the Bed Or Fold the Blankets. When You Leave!

Stay the night someone house make bed when you leave Pics story

Staying at Someone’s House at night, that means you are at someone’s personal space.

And you are sharing it. And it will be Good that, you are a quest at someone’e House but it not means that you put Burden on the Person’s . You should remove a little burden from there head by Doing some little things like that.

That will be Very Nice!


12. Don’t Smoke When Someone Around You is Visibly Uncomfortable!

don't smoke when someone around you Pics story

Smoking is Injurious to Health. But no One blaming you that why you Smoke?

But please Don’t do it,in Publicly !  Do it on ,your own place. In Public, it will Affect old Person’s, Children’s, Kid’s. May be it’s Become your Habits, But Control your habit’s ! For Someone you love. It not just Damaging socials environment but also damaging  your Body as well as. Your Body is Life Long asset, so take care of it.


13. Make Sure that You Don’t Forget to Return that Book You Borrowed !

Don't forget to return the book you borrowed pics story

Ahh ! Books, peoples always forget something about books. They borrowed it from Library, from friends. But they will Forget about to return it. They read it and Put it some where, and get busy in other things and then they forget about it.

But later after many Days, they found it , Somewhere in Deep into Corners stuff. And then they realize that , they forget about it.

So, make sure that You returned that book ,You Borrowed!


14. When Someone Buys you Food Or Coffee, Try to Return the Favor with in a Week !

when someone buy you food or coffee try to return the favour within weeks Pics story

Buying Food or Coffee & drinks is important initial’s part of any relation. So, better proceed it further, Return the favor with in few days. Then it will work like Magic for you. Building a Relation is step by step process and this little little steps are part of it !

And that’s the key to a great Relationship. You will realize, when you fall into one.

So, Let’s Starts Buying  a ‘Coffee’ For Someone!


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