Game Of Thrones S06E09 – Wins of Women’s Instead of War of bastards

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Game Of Thrones S06E09 - comments & troll

As we saw the smile on the face of Sansa Stark not because it was occasion or not because of happiness, it was because of vengeance. A girl started her journey by watching her father’s head slaughtered in front of the whole kingdom and converted into women hunger for revenge from a girl whose life was not at all for twist and turns and it was all that she will become a queen and will give birth to prince and princess and a fairy tale which she has to live but she has her own hit-list and she is able to check the boxes in the hit-list.

As Sansa stark time has finally started that she is able to save her brother but not all of them, but able to help in winning of war her bastard brother and winning her home Winterfell back. Which she was always told that she has to leave after marriage.

Sansa Stark married to Ramsey Bolton and became Sansa Bolton but never was accepted after the first night of her marriage and made herself to take revenge. She took out the great revenge with the help of the Littlefinger and Knights of Vale.

Sansa stark and Ramsay Bolton finally face each other after the fight between Jon and Ramsey in which Ramsey knew that his end is nearby. As Ramsey was not aware what Sansa has prepared for him, if he would knew Ramsey would prefer to die with the help of Jon Snow, but Sansa feed the starving hounds of Ramsey by keeping Ramsey as only food for hounds, which was never expected from Sansa, while hounds were having Ramsey as meal Sansa was enjoying more than hounds and the smile on her face of vengeance.

As we can also see Daenerys stormborn finally return to Meereen with the Dragon and the master weren’t only defeated but the army of Dothraki made the army Daenerys more stronger and can look forward for it but another war won by Daenerys.

As considering of the deal made between the Daenerys Stormborn and Yara Greyjoy considering the Imp and Theon Greyjoy as Daenerys ask for Theon to be the king but Theon denied and Yara covers for her and talk Daenerys into her and ask for Iron Islands to remain Yara’s kingdom and hundred ships for the for the army of Daenerys.

As both queens were considered with father as their bad king but they have showed they have learned the lessons for their kingdom and will help each other to conquer the seven kingdoms. Mother of Dragons now has the largest army and flying fear as the three dragons for the seven kingdoms.

As finishing of the slavery from Meereen and  with finishing of the masters for all time now mother of dragons have found another kingdom to reach Iron islands to help Yara Grejoy to kill her Uncle the present king of Iron Islands

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