Remember Lucy From ‘Narnia series’? Here’s how she looks NOW

Remember ‘Georgie Henley’ the young girl From ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Yes you guessed right, she was ‘Lucy Pevensie’.

So many years have passed on since the movie came out and she is all grown up now. She just turned 21 and you won’t believe how she’s looks now.

Check out how is she evolved through the years. Her adorable and beautiful images gallery:

#1 Remember chronicals of Narnia?


#2 A Picture Straight From Your Memories


#3 The Series Spanned Five Years


#4 She did many movies


#5 All Grown Up, She is 21


With her successful hollywood movie career, she also completed her bachelor of Arts in English.

So, what you guys think, isn’t she is looking hot?

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