Which flower replace the question mark?? Solve this genius puzzle image

Solve this tricky flower puzzle! Interesting flower math puzzles image with the answer. Puzzles only for geniuses!

Hi friends, Don’t you think, puzzle is the best way to learn math? I found this interesting puzzle image on facebook and yes this puzzle make sense. All you have to do just find the flower which replaces the question mark.

And no matter what, but you will learn something new today. best of luck!

Flower puzzle image:

Difficult Flower Puzzle image

Got it? Share your answer through comments. let see, your answer is correct or not. Need Hint? check below;

Hint: These flowers are not considered as numbers. Just create an equation which relates to the 4th equation with the help of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, equation.

well, you can also try some of these puzzles on our websites before checking the answer. And Yes, if you are accessing this website on mobile may be you will not able to click the answer button.

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