The Tree Puzzle – 99% Fail to Answer this Tricky Math Puzzle (With Answer)

Solve this latest logic math puzzle that will leave you scratching your head. 99% fail to answer this puzzle. The Tree Puzzle, Math IQ Test – Only for genius brain teasers math puzzle with the answer!

Let’s take the puzzle to the next level. My previous “Santa Puzzle” create lots of debate on Facebook. But this is a little bit different from the last one. Find out the values of these particular shapes (tree, circle, and star) and solve the last equation of the puzzle.

Let’s find out, how good your IQ level is, which number replace the question mark? Share your answer below.

Puzzle Question:

⇒ tree + tree + tree = 21

⇒ circle + circle + tree = 19

⇒ star + circle + tree = 15

⇒ tree + 2star + circle = ??

The Tree Math Puzzle Image: Genius Puzzle Series #7

The tree Puzzle - Most Viral & Confusing Math Puzzle. Viral Math puzzle stumps internet. Only for genius puzzles. IQ Test.

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Correct Answer: 26

Figure out yourself, see you in comments. Hint: Look close on details


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