The Penguin & Minions Puzzle – Most Viral & Confusing Math Puzzle

Genius level Puzzle! 99% of the people will fail to answer this brain teaser math puzzle. Most Viral and Confusing “The Penguin & Minions” math puzzle on the internet with answer!

Hello and Welcome back folks, enjoying my “Genius Puzzle Series”?

Here is another gem for you. Find out the value of “Minions” (the yellow guy with balloons), “Penguin”, “Bow Tie”, and “Balloons”. Now crack the puzzle and figure out which number can replace the question mark?

This is your IQ Test, let see how many of you can solve this interesting puzzle. The comment section is all yours, best of luck!

Puzzle Question:

⇒ minion + minion + minion = 24

⇒ penguin + minion + penguin = 18

⇒ 2bow tie + 2bow tie + minion = 16

⇒ 2balloon  + 2balloon + penguin = 9

⇒ penguin + (balloon, bow tie) × minion = ??

(check image)

The Penguin & Minions Puzzle: Genius Puzzle Series #8

The Penguin & Minions Math Puzzle - Most Viral Puzzle Image, Confusing Brainteasers Math Puzzles image. Math Puzzle for students, teachers. Trending Genius Math Puzzle Image on internet.

Got it? I know you guys are smart enough, Now share your answer in the comment section below.

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