Are you Math Genius? Solve these 3 Math Puzzles then! -Take a test!

Calling all Math Geniuses to solve these three interesting Math puzzles. Let’s take a math test. And see how’s genius you are? These math puzzles are not that easy as you think. I am sure you will definitely make a mistake in one of them. 

Can you solve these Math Puzzles?

Fruit Math Puzzle :

In this math puzzle, there are 4 equations is given. Which is made of by Apple, Banana & Coconut. First 3 equations are solved but except last one. You have to find out which number replace the question mark.

Find out, Coconut + Apple + Banana = ?

Hint : ( Observe it closely, Not that easy as you think)

Can you Solve this Apple , Banana & Coconut Fruit Puzzle??



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Apple, Orange & Guava Fruit Math Puzzle : 

In this fruit Puzzle, four equations is given, made of by Apple Orange & Guava. First 3 are solved except last one. We have to find the answer for the last one.

Find Out,  Apple + Guava – Orange = ??   

Solve this Fruit Puzzle??


Solve it? See you down there in comments… 😀




After solving above two math puzzles, seems like you become master of it. Let’s try this with animals. Four equation is given and find out the answer of last one.

Find out the weight of Sheep ,Cat & Duck?

Sheep + Cat + Duck = ?

Animals Puzzles : Find out the total weight of animals??


Found it?? Let’s see in comments…. 😀


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