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Hamburger + Glass × Bottle = ? Viral Math Puzzle Image for Facebook or WhatsApp


Solve this math puzzle image if you are a genius. Only for geniuses puzzle image for facebook and Whatsapp!

Hello, puzzles lover here is another viral facebook puzzle picture for you. Find the object’s value and check the details in this puzzle image and solve the last equation. Let see, how’s your math.

Viral Math Puzzle Image:

Math Puzzles Image for Facebook

Ok here are some options, Choose the correct options:


A) 15,     B)  25,

C) 60,    D) 70

Got it? Share your answer via comments. If you want to confirm your answer, check at the end of the post. Share this puzzle image with your friends on facebook or WhatsApp. Let see if they can solve this tricky math puzzle or not.

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