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1. First Of all read the Questions Carefully, You should remove A digit Completely From All The Equation

Like, If you Remove 2 From the Equation , You Should Remove All The 2’s From all equation likewise

equation will Become After removing 2,  3365 + 56 = 365  So the Addition of 3365+56 not gives the 365.

So It’s Incorrect. 

2. So Likewise, Removing 3, the Equation Becomes  65 + 256 = 625. So It’s also Incorrect.

3. Removing 6 From The equation, equation will become 335 + 25 = 325. So It’s not Gives the Desirable Result,

So It’s Also Incorrect.

4. Likewise Removing 5 From the equation, it will become 336 + 26 = 362. So It’s Gives the Desirable Result.

    So The Correct Answer is 5.


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