5 Funny Ads jokes on “Dad maine aap ko jhoot bola tha…!”

Famous Ads these days on TV. Perhaps you have seen this. This Advertisement become famous on internet. So, i collect funny version of this ads. check this out… and don’t forget to Share!


Meine ap se bola tha - Funny Ads


Funny Ads

3.     Boy: hello dad me frnd ke saath daaru pine gaya hu…….

Dad: to ab kyu bata raha he……

Boy: vo aapse jooth bola tha na to chad nai rahi thi…..


4.    Boy: Dad wo maine kaha tha na ki main dost ke yahaan padhne ja raha hoon.

Dad: haan to

Boy :Maine jhooth bola tha, daroo pee raha hun doston ke saath

Dad :To ab kyun bata rahe ho? KINLEY KI AD DEKH REHA H KYA?

Boy : nahi Police walon ne pakad liya



Jhut bola tha - Funny ads


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